About Us


GEO Wood Carvings had been one of the first in India to invest and manufacture Wood Carved Products using state-of-the-art computer aided design and machining and still one of the few companies to use the facility exclusively for carving wood.

Designing and carving wood has never been so easy. Using a combination of machines and computers, GEO provides you high flexibility in terms of design, materials at time. 

Our strength lies in

  • High quality carvings
  • Uniformity of carvings across multiple locations
  • Perfect symmetries
  • Faster turn around time.

Our products are made of readily available European, African, Indian and Burma wood. All our solid wood products are made from the first quality wood, which are air / kiln dried to reduce the moisture content, carved and finished to the requirement of the customer.

Explore our full catalogue to see what we have to offer. If our collection doesn’t provide you a satisfying design, our proficient design department would be pleased to execute a design of your choice.